Requirements for Loan Application

  1. Title (OCT/TCT)
  2. Tax Declaration (Latest)
    • Land
    • Building
  3. Tax Receipt (Current Year) with tax clearance
    • Land
    • Building
  4. Sketch Plan/Vicinity Map/Subdivision Plan
  5. Deed of Sale/Deed of Donation (If OCT-Approval of Application from DENR)
  6. Residence Certificate (Cedula) with xerox copy
  7. 2 x 2 ID Picture of Land Owner/Borrower (Latest Picture)
  8. Xerox Copy of two Valid ID’s
  9. Xerox copy of TIN Card of the Land Owner or Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract indicating Birth date.
  10. Proof of Billing (Electric/Water bill or any)
  11. Picture of Building (Must be in Post card size – front, near, & inside view of the building)
  12. Income Tax Return (ITR)
  13. Merchandise Inventory (Additional requirement for Commercial loans)
  14. Financial Statement (Additional requirement for Commercial loans)
  15. Mayor’s Permit
  16. Municipal License
  17. Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt (LTO) for CVAL